Helping Illinois Master Masons and their families in need of medical assistance


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What is the Masonic Assistance Program?

The Masonic Assistance Program is an effort by the Masonic Family Health Foundation to help Masons and their families in need of medical assistance. It builds upon the age-old Masonic credo of helping those in need.

Purpose of the Masonic Assistance Program

The purpose is to explore medical resources and support functions and to provide financial information for health care services to the Masonic family. This includes all Masons in good standing, as well as their spouses and dependents.

Who developed the Masonic Assistance Program? 

The Masonic Assistance Program was developed by the Masonic Relations Committee of the Masonic Family Health Foundation, Inc. It functions with the active participation of Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center's senior management.

Which services are included? 

All services of Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center are included. Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center is a full-service, teaching hospital servicing the North side of Chicago since 1921. The hospital has a national reputation as a provider of quality health care, an educator of health care professionals and an innovator in cutting-edge health care programs and techniques.

Comprehensive services include: 

  • Complete range of health care progrms for seniors
  • Level One trauma center and emergency services
  • Cardiology services
  • Dentistry & Special Needs Dentistry
  • Chicago Eye Institute
  • Creticos Cancer Center
  • Diagnostic Imaging and Women's Imaging Center
  • Pediatric Developmental Center
  • Women's Health Resources 

 How does one qualify for assistance?   

    • First, you must be a member in good standing of any Masonic body
    • Second, you must be a resident in the State of Illinois

It is important to note that health care services will ONLY be offered at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center located at 836 West Wellington Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60657. This is with the understanding that the Masonic Assistance Program will be assisting individuals and their families in choosing physicians, helping to negotiate fees and securing financial assistance from any appropriate agencies.

To Apply for Assistance

If you are interested in applying for assistance, please download the application here, print and fill out all appropriate information. Please scan and email your completed application to our offices at You may also mail it to the address listed on the application or fax it to 773-296-8984.